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Strategic Communication 

Communications Management

This unit provides students with understanding of a range of communication strategies and their applications in a business environment. The unit will enhance students’ competencies in the principles and techniques for managing large and multidisciplinary communications projects. Students will be equipped to apply communications management research and skills to business projects, as well as identify and respond to potential business and communications issues.


Public Relations: Reputation to Risk

This unit provides students with an understanding of Public Relation's role in reputation management, and it provides students with appropriate methodologies for this task.


Marketing Management

This unit aims to equip students with the fundamental tools for the management, analysis, development and implementation of marketing strategies through the examination of the scope and role of marketing from a marketing management perspective. Specifically, the unit examines the role and influence of marketing in the context of modern business; explains the key concepts, models and theories upon which the practice of marketing is based; applies key concepts, models and theories in the development of marketing planning; and critically assesses the various marketing challenges firms face in a competitive market place.


Advertising in the 21st Century

The aim of this unit is to introduce students to the key principles and practices of advertising in a dynamic industry context. Graduates will be equipped to understand the key issues affecting advertising in the 21st Century and apply this to inform communications planning, management, implementation and evaluation.

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