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Advanced Media Practice

Advanced Video Production and Practice

This unit allows students to develop advanced research, screenwriting and production skills to produce video content for a number of different contexts, including online and social media production, short form documentary and live broadcasting.


Advanced Audio and Broadcasting Practice

This unit aims to examine how audio techniques are used to create both short and extended radio/audio features. It teaches students to be professional creative storytellers through the use of advanced audio narrative techniques with an understanding of audience and platform requirements.


Immersive Media Experiences

This unit allows students to develop an advanced understanding of a variety of immersive media technologies – virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and 3D cinema – and how they are being implemented to engage audiences in GLAM (gallery, libraries, archives and museums), as well as entertainment, tourism, retail, health, creative and related sectors. This unit will provide indepth research and analysis skills focussed on media innovation for entertainment industries.


Social Media Branding and Engagement

This unit introduces students to methods of individual and organisational methods of social media branding and engagement practices. Students will use a critical analysis of social media cultures and their articulation into professional audience engagement practices. Students will also be taught how to create social media content in response to audience analytics and to build communities around engagement practices.

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