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Media Practice 

Video Production Practice

The unit brings together the theory and practice of creating content using video by learning different story telling techniques and basic production skills for video news, information and documentary content.


Audio and Broadcasting Practice

The unit develops technical operating skills useful for all sectors of the Australian and international radio, audio and podcast industries and enable students to critically evaluate broadcasting practices in Australia primarily but also overseas. Finally, the unit will allow students to develop creative and entrepreneurial approaches to creating radio, audio and podcasting products.


Writing for Social and Mobile Media

The unit allows students to develop practical writing skills that are applicable to social and mobile media platforms. Students will be equipped to produce content for mobile and social media applications, and will understand the parameters for content creation on small screens, social media, tablet apps, micromedia outputs, citizen and mobile creative and journalistic works.


Multiplatform Media Production & Practice

Students in this unit will learn how to report, write, record, shoot and deliver news and information across a range of online and multiplatform media. Students will develop a detailed critical understanding of the concepts of multiplatform production and practice. They will also acquire competence in a range of writing and publishing practices in online and multiplatform environments.

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