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I graduated from university in China in 2012, and spent the next 5 years working for advertising and internet companies prior to moving to Melbourne.

I chose to do my Masters of Media and Communications at Swinburne, as although I have some industry work experiences I felt there was still much I wanted to learn about media and communications to improve my career prospects, and pursue a professional career in advertising or brand marketing. Through studying at Swinburne I hope to improve academic knowledge and professional skills.

Moreover, I hope to open my mind to experience different things.


I feel that Swinburne provides a learning platform where I can attain the necessary skills I need, increase my professional knowledge, and also gain different life experiences, which have an important role in future work and life. As I am nearing the end of my first semester, I am feeling confident that I will be able to achieve this through the course syllabus. In particular I am really enjoying the mentorship subject as it gives me a chance to meet the professionals, and learn from their experiences.


Qin, 29 – China

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