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Advanced Video Production Industry Initiative

Beginning in 2021, the Advanced Video Production and Practice Industry Initiative is a group project conducted in the Advanced Video and Production Class. The assignment aims to allow students the opportunity to gain experience working with industry contacts. The students are provided with a brief from an external company and are then required to research, develop, produce and post-produce a video pitch consistent with the brief.


“This was such a great learning experience. I felt like I could really develop my storytelling skills and production skills in a professional setting, and building professional relationships with industry contacts was really valuable.” - Diana Breen, JV Recruitment Video Project, 2022

“The opportunity to work with a real-life company made this assignment very rewarding to work on. Being involved in the entire process from development to completion was a great way to try different roles and learn new things! - Thomas Hibberd, JV Recruitment Project, 2022


In April of 2022, Swinburne Postgraduate Media & Communications students were provided with a brief from our client, JV Recruitment seeking a short promotional video to grow their business and recruit more “hungry, humble and smart” staff to work across the eastern seaboard of Australia. The brief required a 2-minute proof of concept video, detailing how we would develop a story and style for the promotional video.

Considerations and constraints included ensuring we utilised the brand straplines and hashtags, a call to action and most importantly, portrayed the supportive ‘family’ environment of the company and ‘corporate casual’ energy from its staff. We achieved this by conducting interviews with members of staff as well as shooting candid B-roll footage of the office environment. Creative video transitions and upbeat music enabled us to depict the vibrancy and fun of working at JV as well as providing shorter snippets of video which could be used for social media.

After hearing from CEO Stuart Campbell and carefully considering the requirements of the provided brief, our team developed a structure for our pitch video. Here’s what we made:

JV Recruitment is an Australian recruitment agency for the Construction, Civil &

Infrastructure, Traffic Management, Manufacturing and Energy & Renewables sectors. The business was founded by Stuart Campbell in 2013. They are focused on building strong, long-term relationships with their clients and employees and are passionate about maintaining a fun, fast-paced and rewarding ‘family environment’ at work.


Working alongside JV Recruitment was such an incredible and valuable learning experience for us as students. It has provided us with a platform to continue to grow and develop as we enter the media industry here in Australia. The team at JV were incredibly supportive, giving us the opportunity to roam their office and car park spaces in order to find their story. They allowed us to be spontaneously creative and were more than happy to participate during filming, which is evident in the final video.


Ann Nguyen


Ann is a Senior Account Manager with over 10 years’ experience in the Banking, Finance and Digital Marketing industry. A budding filmmaker and Swinburne Masters graduate, Ann is interested in gaining diverse experiences, learning new skills and sharing stories that change the way you look at the everyday. In her spare time, Ann enjoys bingeing Netflix documentaries, planning luxury escapes and volunteering with Edmund Rice Camps, a NFP that organises recreational camps for teens and kids that have experienced adversity.

Diana Breen

Co-Director / Editor

Diana Breen is an Australian filmmaker based in Melbourne. She is interested in telling impactful stories through video and sound design, having experience in editing, sound recording and design, music production and production design. She has completed her Bachelor of Film & Television (Honours) at Swinburne University of Technology and is currently completing her Master of Media & Communication. Diana is excited to continue her career in film and media through a variety of roles.

Thomas Hibberd


Thomas Hibberd is a 23-year-old filmmaker currently residing in Melbourne, Australia. After earning a VCE Achievement Award for Media in Year 12, Thomas has pursued his filmmaking passion, having just recently finished his Bachelor's degree in Screen Production at Swinburne University. Since then, Thomas has worked in a variety of roles in group film projects including director, screenwriter, cinematographer, 1st Assistant Director, production design and sound recording.

Olivia Kosmas

Sound Recordist

Olivia Kosmas is a second-year student at Swinburne University of Technology, currently completing her Master's of Media and Communications after finishing a Bachelor's degree in the same field. Olivia has a passion for telling stories and is interested in sharpening her skills with every project she works on. Through her studies, Olivia has gained experience in many production areas including sound design, directing, videography, and editing, and is excited to continue these tasks throughout her career.


Here is the pitch video produced by Mai Dang, Chloe Hondrokostas, Clayton Mendonca & WeiChiao Yu for Modscape in 2021 for the Advanced Video and Production class. This pitch video earned the group the opportunity to produce a full promotional video for Modscape.

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