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A compilation of the creative work that current students and alumni have produced as part of their coursework.


A collection of written pieces created by current and past students.



Written by Shriya Susan Varghese

A collection of short films & audio pieces created by current and previous students

Alfredo Contreras⁩

"Drone Jorge - Extraordinary People"

Drone pilot Jorge shares his inspiring story, walking us through his triumphs, failures, challenges and fears. This documentary is an honest and revealing documentary that portraits a resilient human being that has not allowed disability to define him.

Will Michael 
"Roll To Win - Against All Odds"

'Roll to Win' tells the stories of some of the game’s best players and highlights some misconceptions about disabilities and sport, and shows how Wheelchair Football has helped these players change their lives — against all odds.

Jack Bennett

"First Date History"

A podcast about the Columbian Exchange and its impact on global technology, ideology, and biology.

Ellie Mitsch 
"Closer To Home"

An intimate story of how cancer touches everyone, from a mother who lost her child to a woman who is a survivor. Two women share their stories of how cancer has affected their lives within the regional town of Albury.

Chloe Hondrokostas 

A deeper dive into the Mediterranean diet.

Jessica Canty 
"Finding the Path | Challenges in Tertiary Education"

When faced with tough choices at the end of secondary school, two young women from disadvantaged and rural backgrounds attempt to navigate the tertiary education system. From the application process to their first steps in their new chapter, will they find their way to a higher education degree?

Dave Munro 
"For Fun, For Glory"

A look into the competitive Super Smash Bros. scene in Victoria, Australia, Vic Smash.

Blake Savanah 
"Howard Cairns - Melbourne Bass Luminary"

Howard Cairns is a veteran bassist of the Melbourne jazz scene. In this interview Howard tells me about some of his influences in music and gives a bit of an insight into his life as a working musician.

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