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How have you found the course so far?

Yeah the course has been pretty good, sadly enough this is my third degree, third attempt to finding out what I want to do with my life, but hopefully this is the lucky one. Yeah the course is good, what I like about it is that you get to do a lot of hands on stuff, like it’s very portfolio driven, the tutors are very friendly. I mean based on my previous experiences as well, they are very interpersonal with you.


I think it is the perfect blend between a friend sort of relationship and a professional relationship.


So yeah I think it is really good so far, its only week 8 it’s hard to really tell but definitely exceeding what my expectations were.

What made you want to study at Swinburne?

So I used to study at Latrobe and then RMIT, and initially I was going to just stick with those universities just because I knew of them. But when I was doing a bit of research, no other university in Melbourne actually had a course like this, it has such a good blend between all the practical stuff, and the industry experience component in the second year I love that factor of the course as well.


I chose Swinburne because they structure their course really well and I think it was a good blend of creating content and doing the behind the scenes and building everything together. I am really into film and photography but I didn’t really want to do a degree that was focussing on one aspect of it, where this has… like you get to dabble in so many forms of media which is incredible because I kind of don’t want to be use all of my time just doing one thing, and would rather learn about the industry as a whole and then pursue what I want to do individually after and this degree gives you the platform to do that.


What is your previous media experience?

So I currently work as a social media marketer per se, it’s nothing fancy but its like somewhere to start off with, I have been there a while now and it is sort of my passion, social media and marketing has been my passion for a while, but apart from that I have been a photographer for about 6-7 years now and I kind of want to do something with it. My background right now is in marketing, IT and photography, and I think this course will just put all of that perfectly in sync and I am hoping to start my own company, I am already in the process of starting a new media company, and I think this course is really going to help me push that and take my business places

Do you have any advice for students considering studying a Master of Media and Communications at Swinburne?


I mean, I feel like these guys have honestly got it down pat with you know giving us the opportunity to transition into the media industry beautifully, and I would 100 per cent recommend it to anyone trying to explore different areas of media.


If you are not really sure what you want, this is the perfect degree because they give you a variety of different options and yeah, I think if you are even considering it, don’t like think any further. Stop stressing about it, just go ahead and do it, try it out  and I promise you, it will definitely exceed your expectations.

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