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I completed a Bachelor's degree in Business Studies & Communication from Roskilde University in Denmark and started my career working in Human Resource. Although there were aspects of human resource which I really enjoyed, there was something missing that I couldn't really put a finger on, other than knowing it wasn’t for me. Therefore, I decided that I wanted to do a Master’s degree which allowed me to pursue other interests I had. For this reason, I decided to pursue a Masters of Media and Communication at Swinburne, as it’s an extremely versatile degree that allowed me to tailor the degree around my personalised needs. I also liked the aspect of studying with people from the entire communication and media sphere, providing real life workplace experiences. You invariably have to work with people from different backgrounds and with different job functions than yourself. And I don't feel I would have had the opportunity to do this if I had chosen a regular marketing or communications degree.


I have always wanted to live abroad for longer than half a year as many others do. When I was at the end of my bachelors' degree it just seemed like the perfect time to do it, I could combine my ambition of living abroad for an extended period with doing something productive as well. I also thought that I would learn more about myself  and the country I lived in if I decided to either study or work because that's how you can really immerse yourself in the culture.

I researched a lot of different countries but quickly narrowed it down to Australia because I wanted to be in a country that had English as
the first language, and had a reputable educational system so my degree would be worth something when I travelled back home to Denmark.


Another reason for choosing Swinburne to complete my Masters of Media and Communication was because of the practical focus of the curriculum and the university’s close industry connections. I have a very academic background from my bachelor's degree, so I found it very appealing that there was a lot of emphasis on learning by doing at Swinburne. At the same time, it appealed to me that Swinburne, through its close connections with industry partners, enabled me to work on projects that actually mattered and produced tangible results.


I hoped to get a broad understanding of media and communication so I would have a better idea of what area I wanted to work in. But also, to better understand what my future colleagues are doing. And I have gotten both "wishes" fulfilled. I know where I want to go with my career, and know how to collaborate with people from related disciplines.


My short-term aspiration after completing my studies was to work in a function that allowed me to work with growing and sustaining brands that I am really passionate about. Eventually, I hope to work in a managerial position where I am also able to provide opportunities for others and make a positive impact on their careers. I do aspire to become a leader myself because I really enjoy the responsibility that comes with leading others. If leadership is taken seriously it can be a fantastic opportunity to make a positive impact, and I hope that I someday will get a chance to do that.


Studying at Swinburne has definitely already helped me on my path to achieving those goals.


I recently got a job as Nordic Management Trainee at L'Oréal at the Nordic headquarters in Copenhagen, where I will start the 1st of August 2019. I am pretty convinced that I wouldn't have received this opportunity if I hadn't chosen to travel to Australia and study at Swinburne. As it is a graduate position for a global company, there were almost 1,000 applications for the job and my degree from Swinburne gave me an edge that I wouldn't have had if I had stayed in Denmark.


In terms of my favourite aspects of the course, I really enjoyed the flexibility of the degree, and that I have been able to tailor it around my needs. One specific unit that made a great impact on me, and was vital for my future, was the Media Mentorship Program. This unit allowed me to seek out a mentor who provided me with heaps of industry knowledge and had a huge impact on how I think about my own learning and my career aspirations.


As for studying at Swinburne, I have enjoyed that almost all of my lecturers have had significant industry experience. This has meant they have been able to structure their units around what really happens in the industry, and I think this is going to very valuable going forward in my career.


Kasper Rice, 25 – Copenhagen, Denmark

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