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Simon Morgan is a highly experienced government, industry, investor, media, and internal relations practitioner with a reputation for delivering his employer’s desired outcomes – while maintaining excellent relations with stakeholders. He is also an experienced sessional educator, and recently full-time, academic at Swinburne University with a proven track record of teaching excellence and practically assisting students. He has worked in Hobart, Sydney, London, and Melbourne and studied in Bathurst (now Charles Sturt University), NSW, Fontainebleau (INSEAD), France, and Melbourne (Kaplan and Swinburne).

Simon has almost 30 years of experience working in public relations and communication. He has been advising the FHAD teaching staff on the development of the Bachelor of Communication degree since 2009, a member of the Public Relations External Advisory committee since 2009 and has been guest lecturing at Swinburne since 2010.

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