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Andrew Garton is an independent filmmaker, musician and writer with a background in community access media. His work spans the genres of non-fiction film-making, sound design for screen and stage, radio documentary drama and podcasting. He was a co-creator of Australia's first national internet provider, Pegasus Networks (1989 - 1995) collaborating on initiatives to bring Internet access and digital tools to empower under-served communities in Southeast Asia. From the mid-1990s, he created a range of award-winning experimental media art, inventive methodological approaches to online communication, professional media production, and collaboration across the east coast of Australia and internationally.

In recent years Andrew produced and directed an ethnographic documentary and podcast series on the Internet's impact on India's rural and tribal communities (Right to Know and Ocean in a Drop), an extensive media arts project with young people from refugee backgrounds (Bamiyarra) and his new feature film on the making of the Blacksmiths' Tree (Forged from Fire).

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